Redfin IPO Raises $138 Million, Share Prices Climb

Redfin’s long-awaited IPO went well for the Seattle-based technology-powered real estate brokerage this morning. They priced the IPO at $15 per share last night, raising $138 million for the company. When shares started trading on the open market this morning under the ticker symbol RDFN they opened at $19.56.

Net Loss as a Percent of Revenue: Redfin and Zillow (2014-2016)

Redfin files S-1, likely to IPO later this year

News broke late this afternoon that after 13 years as a “startup,” Redfin has finally filed their S-1 with the SEC, signalling their intent to make an initial public offering (IPO) later this year.

Let’s take this opportunity to directly compare some financial and usage data between Redfin and Zillow.

"The Undaunted Spirit" by Lorenzo Ghiglieri

Will a Prolonged Bear Market Slow Seattle Real Estate?

With stocks being hammered across the world since Friday, the price of oil in the gutter, and volatility through the roof, pundits are starting to get somber about the market’s prospects. If we’re in the beginning of a serious bear market, will Seattle’s crazy real estate market finally start to slow? One of the major […]

Best Place to Stash Some Cash?

With the stock market swinging wildly up and down, real estate prices still falling in many markets, and banks paying basically zero (or worse) on savings accounts, I’m curious what the readers think about where’s the best place to keep one’s cash today. Let’s assume you just want to hold the money and avoid losing […]