So, Who’s Going to Buy Zillow Stock?

As you probably know, Zillow will be going public with an IPO later this year. They made a few headlines today (TechCrunch, GeekWire, TechFlash) with an annoucement that their initial target stock price will be $16-$18, putting the company’s valuation at $485 million. So here’s a weekend conversation starter for you: Will you be buying […]

Historic Growth Rates of King County Home Prices

A reader emailed last week, requesting some information on the historic rate of price growth for King County home prices, in order to make a more educated guess when making buy-vs-rent calculations. To that end, I am providing the following charts and table. First up is the average growth rate for King County Single-Family homes […]

Checking Up on the “Forced Savings Plan” Myth

Please consider the following excerpt from a post I wrote that was originally published on the personal finance blog Get Rich Slowly (and later here): …if home buying is like a savings plan, it’s probably the worst savings plan on Earth. Would you voluntarily sign up for a savings plan where well over half of […]

Crash Comparisons: Job Losses & Dow Jones

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently posted an alarming chart of job losses that has been making the rounds. What jumps out to me when I look at her chart is the fact that the y-axis shows raw number of jobs rather than a percentage loss, and therefore fails to account for the increased size of […]

Stock Market Crash Historical Comparison Update

I thought it would be interesting to post an update on the stock market crash graph that I first posted back in October. In the chart below I have graphed the crashes of 1929, 1973, 1987, and 2001 alongside the current fall, with the peak points aligned near the left. Each crash is scaled on […]