An Overview of the Housing/Credit Crisis

A couple people forwarded me a link to a 116-page pdf titled An Overview of the Housing/Credit Crisis And Why There Is More Pain to Come that is worth checking out. Here’s a look at the table of contents: Overview of the Great Mortgage Bubble Causes of the Great Mortgage Bubble Consequences of the Bursting […]

Tens of Thousands of Subprime Loan Resets Coming to Seattle

Interesting story from Kirsten Grind over at the Puget Sound Business Journal: Experts see more subprime-loan pain ahead Another big wave of subprime mortgages will see interest rates reset to a much higher rate over the next six months in the Seattle area, an indication that the Puget Sound region might still be facing further […]

Puget Sound Business Journal on San Diego vs. King

Last week the Puget Sound Business Journal ran a piece comparing King County to San Diego County. It was behind a subscriber-only wall, but now it’s fully available on their website: How King County dodged mortgage mess compared to San Diego. Unfortunately, the article doesn’t really have any new material that regular readers here haven’t […]

The Nature of the Mortgage Crisis

My favorite personal finance blog Get Rich Slowly gave me a heads up earlier this week about an excellent radio piece that you should make the time to listen to. It’s titled The Giant Pool of Money, and you can download the mp3 for free through the 18th of this month. They interview a handful […]

From the Sun Sentinal in Florida: State freezes ‘run on the bank’ at investment fund

The Sun Sentinal article: “In an effort to halt what one official called ‘an investment world version of a run on the bank,’ state officials froze withdrawals Thursday from a $27 billion investment fund that local governments drained by almost half during the past two weeks.” (bold type by me for emphasis) “‘It is certainly […]


Trahant Keeps Hitting Them Out of the Park

Mark Trahant is definitely my favorite writer for any of the local papers. If we ever get around to having a Seattle Bubble meet-up, he’s definitely invited, and his drink is on me. His latest piece continues to hammer home the reality of the world we live in today: mortgage / housing market is a […]