Friday Flashback: Suzanne Researched This

Here’s a fun Friday Flashback. How many of my readers remember this classic 2006 Century 21 TV commercial?

“Suzanne Researched This” became a big inside joke among those who didn’t buy the hype at the peak of the bubble. This commercial was so egregious that even Slate wrote an article headlined “The Nastiest Wife on Television.”

A Cautionary Home-Buying Tale: Look Before You Leap

Here in Seattle it seems like we’re ground zero for real estate search websites, with Redfin, Estately, John L. Scott, Windermere, and many others constantly competing to add newer fancier features that make it amazingly easy to find a shiny new home in Seattle from the comfort of your old and busted hovel anywhere in […]

Suzanne Researched This: Part 2

I don’t know about anybody else here, but I for one am a total sucker for Dr. Laura. Thanks to a company department picnic, on my way home from work today I had a rare opportunity to partake in this particular indulgence, and I heard an interesting call. Here’s an excerpt: If you can’t […]