The Longest Pending Sale

Does anyone remember the 13,000-square-foot Tacoma mansion I mentioned a few times on these pages back in 2011? After a series of price drops from $8 million, to $7 million, to $6.4 million, and eventually $5.4 million over the course of nearly three years on the market, it finally went pending. In June. Of last […]

Schizo Price Drops on Seminary Campus in Tacoma

Some readers may recall this sprawling, 13,000-square-foot mansion for sale on a 9-acre estate down in Tacoma from an earlier post: Northwest Baptist Seminary: For sale in Tacoma As I pointed out to Curbed Seattle last week, the seminary campus recently had a massive $1,000,000 price drop—12.5% off the previous list price of $8,000,000. This […]

Is “The Bottom” Always a Good Time to Buy?

NPR ran an interesting segment on Tuesday’s Talk of the Nation: Volatile Housing Market Baffles Homeowners. The subject was the housing market, and host Jennifer Ludden’s guests on the program were Moody’s Chief Economist Mark Zandi and Zillow’s VP Communications Amy Bohutinsky. Their wide-ranging conversation touched on everything from walking away to buying at “the […]

Tacoma Condo Project Foreclosure Auction Reveals Grim Reality

How bad is the condo market in Tacoma? Pretty bad. Recall this article from June: Tacoma Luxury Condo Project Headed for Foreclosure The Esplanade, a nine-story condominium on the west side of the near-downtown Thea Foss Waterway, has until Aug. 21 to escape from the imminent foreclosure, said sources close to the project who were […]

Tacoma Luxury Condo Project Headed for Foreclosure

Regular readers may recall this post from last October: Construction Defaults Over 10%, Tacoma Condos Empty. Tacoma News Tribune: Downtown condo sales at a crawl How’s the market for condominiums in downtown Tacoma? “What market?” says Judy Mayfield, head of sales for The Esplanade, the 162-unit project on the Foss Waterway, now nearing completion. After […]

Foreclosure / Short Sale Mess in Tacoma

We’ve seen plenty of these kinds of articles and news reports about the foreclosure situation down in southern California, but I don’t think many people ever would have expected to see such a piece written about the Seattle area: Foreclosures mean work for “trash-out” specialists Contractors who specialize in cleaning and maintaining the nation’s growing […]

Construction Defaults Over 10%, Tacoma Condos Empty

A few more articles from this week about how dramatically the local real estate market has slowed. Puget Sound Business Journal: Construction defaults rise in Seattle area The latest data on local new-home sales and construction-loan delinquencies illustrate the market forces underlying the growth in mechanics’ lien filings. Delinquencies of single-family construction loans in the […]