Reader Question: Rotting from the Inside on Day One?

A reader emailed me an interesting observation/question in response to yesterday’s discussion of Seattle’s cheap, ugly townhomes. There’s a trio of townhouses very near where I live. They’re interesting because they lay partially framed for (if I’m recalling correctly) more than a year and a half — at least through one Winter/Spring. They actually have […]

How Long Will Seattle’s Ugly Townhomes Last?

Once in a while I like to have a look around and see what’s on the market in a totally off-the-wall market segment that I have absolutely no personal interest in ever owning. Today that segment is townhomes in the city of Seattle. As I browse around at what’s for sale in Seattle’s townhome market, […]

Seattle Townhouse Market Tanking?

There was a great article over the weekend in the Seattle P-I that looked at the townhouse market, which has slowed down considerably more than the single-family or condo markets so far this year. Jamie Goodwin knew it would be a tough time to sell her Central Area townhouse. “I’m a real estate attorney, and […]