What a last two weeks of extremes: Wall Street & Mortgage Mess to a symbol of America’s dark days and accomplishment.

Click to enlarge I just happen to look up at the ticker when I was in Times Square about a week or so ago (8/17) after a quick subway train ride up from Wall Street. Then shortly after, the following message in the picture below showed and I quickly took a shot of it. This […]

Office space in Snohomish Co. 17-18% vacant, Industrial good.

Speaking of small business creating jobs: Snohomish Co. office space is currently showing vacancy at about 18%. In Lynnwood, the office vacancy rate is approximately 25-30%. Industrial space (read: Boeing & suppliers) appears firm. Office space, meanwhile, remains harder to fill. Cushman & Wakefield and Colliers International commercial property firms reported that 17 to 18 […]

Associated Grocers Cashes In on the Bubble

Associated Grocers is selling a 55-acre plot of land in south Seattle, and apparently the commercial real estate world is all riled up. It’s the biggest slice of Seattle land to come on the market in “recent years,” and it’s coming on the market because the owners want to “cash in on the significant appreciation.” […]

Forbes’ "Smartest" Cities—Where’s Seattle?

I’m sure that those of you who have been reading Seattle Bubble since at least April recall the AP study that heralded Seattle as the “most educated” city in the USA (or “smartest,” depending on whether the article author made the false assumption that more education == smarter). According to the April study: Forty-seven percent […]

Seattle Times Pumps Interest Only Loans

From the Seattle Times over the weekend: Almost every dollar Todd Asher earns is spoken for. He has one daughter in college, another in high school and a toddler in diapers. “We made a decision to have my wife stay at home with our 18-month-old son, so we’re living off my income, paying for tuition, […]