The Tim’s Favorite Seattle Blogs & News Sites

Once in a while I like to share some of my favorite sources for interesting local news, both real-estate related and otherwise. Now is one such time. So let’s just get right to it. The Seattle Times Real Estate Section – This sub-page on the Times could definitely use a little layout love, but Eric […]

Thornton Place Throws in the Towel on Condo Sales

Anybody remember the Thornton Place condos at Northgate? Thornton Place’s 109 condos have been on the market since last summer. None has sold, and now the complex is nearly finished. “We were looking at what would get people off the fence,” said Jeff Cook, president and chief operating officer of Stellar Holdings, one of the […]

Friday Flashback: “Seattle isn’t like other cities.”

Time for another Friday Flashback! Today’s flashback comes at you from February 2007, as the Seattle Times declared 2007 to be “The year of the condo in downtown Seattle” (emphasis mine). [Condo developer David] Thyer insists that Seattle isn’t like other cities, where developers are struggling with an oversupply of new condos. There’s a demand […]

Friday Flashback: Olive 8: “We’re going to wait this out.”

Today’s flashback comes from… just over a year ago. July 2009: Photo by Flickr user paperjam At Olive 8 in downtown Seattle, county records indicate only 28 of 229 units have closed. But David Thyer, president of developer R.C. Hedreen, said his firm has no plans to cut prices. “We’re not inclined to discount the […]

Raising Prices to Entice Buyers—wait, what?

Here’s an interesting story that popped up over the weekend and had people emailing me and discussing it in the comments and forums. A downtown luxury condo building named Escala is having trouble moving the last 70 units (of 270, so roughly 25%), so to try and juice up their sales, they’re raising prices. Yes, […]


Vulcan Ridiculous @ 2200

Ah, the joys condodebtorship. When Jerry O’Leary, 54 and retired, put down over $100,000 dollars toward a new million-dollar condominium in February 2005, he thought he was buying his way into an innovative downtown lifestyle proposed by Vulcan Inc. Vulcan Real Estate’s $200 million 2200 project on two and a half acres at Westlake Avenue… […]


"Re-Sales Galore" in Local Condo Projects

Local condo enthusiast Matt made an interesting observation in a post on Urbnlivn Tuesday. Apparently in many of the recently-opened Seattle condo projects there are, in Matt’s words, “re-sales galore.” 33 units at 2200, 19 at Cosmo, and 5 (of 48) at Meritage. Plus, anyone who bothers to spend a little time searching on Craigslist […]