Confused about politics? Let REALTORS® think for you!

A friend of mine that happens to be a member of the National Ass. of REALTORS® shared this gem with me. It’s the Seattle / King County REALTORS® 2011 Voting Guide. Clearly designed to look and feel just like the official voter’s guides (same paper stock, same layout styles), this local REALTOR® publication contains a […]

Friday Flashback: WA Realtors’ Hilarious 2007 “FACTS”

The banner you see above is from a massive late 2007 ad campaign from our very own Washington Realtors that is a veritable gold mine of hilarity just three years later. Of course, the entire thing has long since disappeared from the Washington Realtors’ website, but guess who saved most of the material on his […]

Open House Traffic is Serious Business.

Posted a few hours ago on the Seattle Times: Realtors hold a special open-house weekend April 10-11 Anybody care to explain: A) Why REALTORS™ still get free advertising like this from local newspapers, even after years of crap like this (pdf “fact sheet” from 2006)? B) What the heck is that photo supposed to have […]

State Considers Irresponsible Plan to Pre-Distribute $8,000 Tax Credit

According to a post on Aubrey Cohen’s P-I blog Seattle Real Estate News, State may give buyer credit as temporary loan. First-time home buyers would get their $8,000 tax credit as a state loan at closing, under a measure the state Senate Ways and Means Committee approved Wednesday night. The federal government is offering the […]

Gregoire: “The economy is strong. Buy your home.”

Everybody’s pal Christine Gregoire gave a pep talk to the Washington Realtors last week in which she made some interesting comments. Gov. Chris Gregoire told about 400 Washington Realtors on Thursday that she has been working to meet goals the group has for transportation, affordable housing, education and quality of life. Gregoire, who spoke a […]

Absolutely Hilarious!

Except of course that some people will actually believe it. Not many, but certainly some. From the Washington Realtors’ “Get The Facts Straight” ad campaign. I’m sure I will post more on these over the weekend, they’re just too hilarious to ignore. Thanks to Doug for pointing out the link to these.


Washington Realtors Spend Big in Olympia

Guess what group is the #3 lobbiest in Olympia so far this year (by dollars spent)? If you guessed “the real estate industry” (primarily the Washington Association of Realtors), you are correct. Since January, they have spent 1.85 million dollars to convince your legislature to do… well, I’m not sure what they want them to […]