Dori Monson Tackles Walking Away from Your Mortgage

Hat tip to Ray Pepper for pointing out Dori Monson’s radio segments yesterday and today on walking away from one’s mortgage. Here are the audio segments (the first is about seven minutes long, the second about 10 minutes): It’s interesting to note that in the second segment, Dori’s guest was Howard Bono, the […]

You Can’t Keep a Good Huckster Down

Someone forwarded me an interesting email yesterday. The spammy message apparently being sent to various mortgage brokers claims that “We’ll pay you for the clients you can’t do loans for.” Here’s some of the email copy (emphasis theirs): We coach people who are underwater in their homes. We don’t do loans, we don’t sell real […]

Did Banks Act in Good Faith During the Bubble?

I admit that my statement yesterday that “ethics and morals should not even enter the conversation” was a bit of intentional editorial hyperbole intended to spur the discussion. Obviously it does make sense to have a conversation about the ethics of walking away, since that’s exactly what we did for 177 comments (so far). As […]

On Misguided Ethics and Walking Away from a Mortgage

With the subject of “walking away” finally hitting the mainstream media in full force this weekend with a dedicated segment on Sunday’s 60 Minutes, it would appear that the idea of giving the keys back to the bank to get out of a financial death spiral continues to gain some serious traction. Of course, even […]

Weekend News Roundup

Lots of local real estate related news over the weekend worth mentioning. Here’s a brief roundup of the stories you might be interested in. Let’s kick things off with some good news via Aubrey Cohen at the P-I. Looks like the state’s irresponsible plan to pre-distribute $8,000 tax credit is dead in the water, thanks […]

The Neighbors Paid WHAT?

In our discussion this weekend about why people would walk away from a mortgage, even though they can afford to continue paying, Tim Kane (S-Crow) pointed out: It doesn’t take much emotional pull to consider walking away when you see property being purchased across the street for $150,000+ less than what you may have purchased […]