Link Roundup: Housing Market Strength Evaporating

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a good link roundup, and since I’ve seen a number of related stories pop up in the last couple of weeks, I thought it was a good time for one. While the housing market was definitely on fire last year, with respect to bidding wars and home price […]

Home Sale Up Because of Declining Prices

A series of very similar headlines caught my attention today: Wall Street Journal: Home Sales Climb But Prices Decline CBS News: Home sales up, but housing prices continue to fall nationwide The Real Deal: U.S. existing home sales rise slightly, but prices fall Chicago Tribune: Local existing home sales up double-digits in October, but prices […]

New King County Econ Blog: Housing is Risky, not Lousy

I received an email yesterday from Tom Goodwin, King County’s Chief Economist, pointing me toward a new blog that he has started to discuss economic issues in King County. The first topic: real estate. In his post, Is a Home a "Lousy" Investment? Tom takes on the recent Wall Street Journal piece A Home Is […]

New York Times: Seattle Sellers Simply Surrendering

It’s not often we get a major national news piece focused solely on Seattle’s real estate market, but yesterday we got just that from the New York Times: Housing Crash Is Hitting Cities Thought to Be Stable SEATTLE — Few believed the housing market here would ever collapse. Now they wonder if it will ever […]

Rethinking Home Ownership / Buyers Get Picky

I may not be able to make a substantive post today, so here are a few national stories of interest that caught my attention in the last couple days. David Wessel, Wall Street Journal: Rethinking Part of the American Dream It’s time to have a serious conversation about the American approach to home ownership and […]

Weekend News Roundup

Lots of local real estate related news over the weekend worth mentioning. Here’s a brief roundup of the stories you might be interested in. Let’s kick things off with some good news via Aubrey Cohen at the P-I. Looks like the state’s irresponsible plan to pre-distribute $8,000 tax credit is dead in the water, thanks […]

Cramdowns Rejected by Senate, Appraisals Insulated from Banks

Two good news stories on the national front that are worth sharing this morning. Story 1: Senate Defeats Mortgage ‘Cram-Down’ as Democrats Balk The U.S. Senate rejected a measure that would let bankruptcy judges cut mortgage terms to help borrowers avoid foreclosure, a victory for banks and credit unions that said the legislation would increase […]