Morning News: National Housing “Crisis,” Boeing, Alaska Air, & More

Here’s a few national stories of note, and a handful of local economic news stories from this morning: New York Times: For Housing Crisis, the End Probably Isn’t Near Wall Street Journal: When Will Home Prices Stabilize? Fitch Says 2010 Seattle P-I: Unemployed workers struggle with job-seach requirements Associated Press: State lawmakers strike agreement on […]

Seattle to Weather the Recession “Better than Most”?

Here’s a brief article from the Wall Street Journal that might be of interest: Weathering the Rain, And the Property Storm The troubles facing most Seattle-area landlords are more like a Puget Sound drizzle than the stormy skies swirling around markets such as Phoenix or Orange County, Calif. Certainly the economic turmoil buffeting the nation’s […]

Housing Crisis Not Over, Just Starting in Seattle

A couple people pointed out a piece in the Wall Street Journal yesterday titled The Housing Crisis Is Over. I don’t doubt that the mere fact that it was printed in the WSJ makes it gospel to some folks. I am not interested in writing a rebuttal to this piece, as that has already been […]

Big Downtown Land Deal Evaporates

Almost a year ago, a family that has accumulated ownership of 13 near-contiguous acres of downtown real estate in the Denny Triangle finally put the whole lot of it on the market. Mr. Clise is convinced now is the ideal time to sell. The job-market outlook is robust for Seattle, and the office market, with […]

Wall Street Journal: Seattle No Longer Special

Seattle got a little bit of attention in a recent Wall Street Journal story titled Housing Slump Starts to Hit Stronger Cities: It’s getting harder to hide from the housing bust. Tight credit, fragile consumer confidence and a weakening economy are slowing sales and depressing prices even in some places — such as the Pacific […]

WSJ: Mortgage Crisis Rivals S&L Meltdown

The Wall Street Journal has a good article today detailing the extended financial mess that has been brought on by the irresponsible enthusiasm of the now-bursting housing bubble. The home has long been the bedrock asset of most American families. Now, its value has become the biggest question mark hanging over the global economy and […]


Explore Seattle’s Sub-Prime Status

A couple people pointed me to a great article in today’s Wall Street Journal on the prevalence of sub-prime lending across the country over the last few years. The article discusses the surge in such risky loans, and the fallout that is already underway and likely to continue. The data suggest that financial suffering is […]