Seattle Still Not a “World Class City”

Back in the days when the housing bubble was inflating at full speed, a frequent argument trotted out by home salesmen lamely attempting to justify the ridiculously high home prices in the Seattle area was that Seattle is a “world class city,” and as such, it is reasonable to expect home prices here to be […]

Has Greed Ruined Seattle’s Livability?

I received the following in an email from a reader: About the condo—comment article… the real issue is not the really cheap/ugly/tasteless and likely unlivable condos (apartments). Nor is it the equally horrible “townhouses.” It is about greed and lack of public (government) oversight and control. The developers wanted the money, the government wanted the […]

Lawrence Yun confirms: Seattle is Special

Picked this up from Aubrey Cohen’s blog. Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist for the NAR and well-known real estate seer has confirmed what our local press and real estate folks have know for years: Seattle really is special! It’s about jobs and Microsoft millionaires. Why didn’t we think about that?!?! Seattle a “superstar” market Seattle is […]


World-class not "merely boasting how darn great we are."

If I were the egocentric type, I’d probably think that none other than the P-I’s Bill Virgin is a Seattle Bubble reader. A mere five days after I dispelled the notion that Seattle is “world class,” Bill delivers the exact same message to a broader audience in today’s column: So what makes a world-class city? […]

On Luxury Cars and World Class Cities

My car is so great. It has a built-in CD player, a driver’s seat with four independent adjustments, a tasteful spoiler, a spacious trunk, climate control, a powered sunroof, and gets over 30 miles to the gallon. It’s comfortable, good-looking, and fun to drive. My car is comparable to a BMW or a Lexus, and […]


What Cities Does Seattle Compare To?

In the last few days I’ve run into a few comments in various discussions about Seattle real estate that have caught my attention: Dean Jones, Condo Marketer: “You might cringe at condos that sell for $2,000 a square foot. But it would be twice that in New York. We’re still, relatively speaking, a bargain.” Bob, […]