Friday Flashback: Lawrence Yun: “Seattle is Underpriced”

Wow, how could I forget this gem from November 2007? National Association of Realtors “Chief Economist” Lawrence Yun: Seattle a "superstar" market Seattle is becoming a “superstar” market, where housing costs may never settle back into historical relationships to incomes, a national analyst declared on Tuesday. Speaking at the annual conference of the National Association […]

Big Freaking Surprise: NAR Overstated Home Sales

Okay, since this subject has been brought up in nearly every open thread over the past two weeks, I’m going to post about it here so we can just get it out of our system. Big freaking surprise: Realtors Lower 2007-2010 Home-Sales Estimates by 14% U.S. home sales from 2007 through 2010 were about 14% […]

Lawrence Yun: “Home values have overshot downward”

In case there is any doubt about whether NAR chief “economist” Lawrence Yun is just as much of a shameless price-boosting shill as his predecessor David Lereah, I present some excerpts from a post he made on Friday regarding the inefficient, expensive, and economically stupid homebuyer tax credit: Unleashing Pent-Up Housing Demand and Sustainable Economic […]

More Unfounded Starry-Eyed Nonsense from Lawrence Yun

Discredited NAR mouthpiece Lawrence Yun paid Seattle a visit on Friday to spout some more of his trademark wish-based forecasting. The Puget Sound Business Journal and the P-I both had brief write-ups of his presentation. From Aubrey Cohen’s write-up in the P-I: “We believe that the home prices have already fallen to what could be […]

Lawrence Yun Changes His Tune on Seattle

Remember about four months ago, when NAR Chief “Economist” Lawrence Yun said this? You may even say Seattle is underpriced if you believe Seattle is becoming a superstar city. Seattle is underpriced in relation to other West Coast markets. Well, it seems he has changed his tune ever so slightly. Here’s a more recent quote, […]

More “Superstar” Nonsense from Lawrence Yun

Apparently the only necessarily qualification for becoming a “world class” or “superstar” city is to keep on repeating that it is so. That’s the message I’m getting from the latest quotes from the Realtor’s spokesman Lawrence Yun, anyway. Seattle-area home prices are manageable for typical workers, according to the chief economist for the National Association […]