Global Insight "House Prices in America Report" (Q4 07data)

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Global Insight "House Prices in America Report" (Q4 07data)

Postby Civil Servant » Fri May 23, 2008 12:02 pm

I just found this, don't think the most recent one has been covered here (very sorry if it has). This is the Q4 2007 version, released in February -- you have to request a pdf here [] and it is e-mailed to you almost immediately.

Their conclusion is that in Q4 of last year Seattle was 30.7% overvalued, fairly consistent with what I daresay the consensus is on this site. What surprised me is that Longview, at 44.2%, and Bellingham, at 44.1%, rank #4 and #5 nationally. Spokane is the only WA market tracked that is undervalued not overvalued. Interesting too to scroll down the list and see where various regions tend to settle.

Bonus: Appendix C, "Past Price Corrections," a nifty historical record.
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