Renting and just got Notice of Default, what to do?

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Re: Renting and just got Notice of Default, what to do?

Postby Grubbie » Wed Sep 08, 2010 9:13 am

I can give some timeline details of what happened at my old place.

Landlords stop paying in Sept 08 (we moved in in Feb 08)
Notice of Default Jan 09
Landlord didn't get up to date, auction was schedule for April or May (can't remember)
Each month the auction was delayed
Sept 09 auction was postponed due to Bankruptcy

Not sure what has happened since, but we ended up moving out when our lease was up in Feb. Checking the property records show it is still under the owners name. So 2 years after stoping payments, they still have it...

So we got right as the auction date was set. In the end, we probably could of worked something out with the landlord to cut the rent, but since we were getting married we wanted to just be done with it. Also, they were trying to short sell it that spring, so it wasn't going to be a fun place to live with people coming to take a look.
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