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Postby softwarengineer » Wed Aug 12, 2009 5:26 pm

I was driving down I-5 North through the Convention Center jamup at the peak of rush hour and guess what? At 430PM last Monday (8/10) I could cruise through light traffic at 50 MPH....on the way through our rosy economy traffic I decided to do a random count of "out of state" license plates [last year at about the same time of month I counted about 1 out of ten]. Guess what bloggers....I counted one out of thirty this summer....meaning, our Seattle tourism is apparently as dismal as heck this year per my snapshot count, albeit traffic jams aren't...LOL

How many of you bloggers are cutting back on vacation travel too?

I did book a Vegas trip for the end of the month, but do your bought 3 or weeks ahead of time save $$$$$

I got a luxury 2 bdrm 900 SF condo with kitchen/living room and separate bedroom (2 bathrooms too) in Vegas with airplane tickets for about the same price as an inferior 2 bdrm suite at Ocean Shores with no plane local travel quality can cost $$$$ and quality too. Its called the Desert Rose Resort and its one block from the Strip.

Thoughts anyone?
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Re: Staycations

Postby Racket » Wed Aug 12, 2009 6:04 pm

I have some business interest linked to the tourism in this area, and I can tell you that things aren't great, but they are not horrible.

I can priceline a 4* resort on a sunny beach somewhere for ~$100 a night. I also consider ocean shores, overrated, and overpriced. It's cold with really not much to do, but play in the mud and fly kites. After about 1/2 of junk shopping you've pretty much have seen everything.

But when you have a large family you have to factor in logistical expenses, as well as rental cars etc when you travel. For 2 people it's not that bad, but for a lot of people it can go up.

Also in Las Vegas 1 block from the strip = a 10 minute walk. Vegas blocks are huge. It would be like the distance from the hotels on 6-7th to pike place market.
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Re: Staycations

Postby Markor » Wed Aug 12, 2009 6:32 pm

We've taken advantage of some good deals this summer. I wouldn't want to vacation in Seattle--it's expensive!
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Re: Staycations

Postby softwarengineer » Thu Aug 13, 2009 11:22 am

The Desert Rose is right next to the MGM and the Strip Trolley, so no Vegas walks in the heat are needed to get around, albeit I always get rental cars in Vegas anyway, the Casino parking is free and even the parking lot elevators have air conditioning.

I can't stand hotel rooms, even the dinky/expensive suites with 1 bathroom are a joke after swimming pool use with families/groups of multiple gender. For about the same price as the Strip hotels got 2 bdrms and bathrooms, with a normal living room and kitchen. Even with two people, its a lot roomier and comfortable, but sleeps up to 6. Ocean Shores does have better condos than hotels, but dig out your cash; and yes, there's nothing to do.....I usually end up on the killing time on the beach with everyone else....enjoying a cool one :-)

Hawaii is cheaper this summer too, but they stick it to you on the hotel packages, vs, Vegas. Its about double the expense, unless you lose your shirt gambling...LOL
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Re: Staycations

Postby deprogram » Fri Sep 04, 2009 1:30 pm

I like to take two weeks in the spring and travel to Bonaire or Aruba to windsurf and get in lots of board time.

Guess what hasn't happened the past two years?

I have a serious hankering to be in the Southern Caribbean again, but I'm afraid it'll be a while. In fact, I haven't taken any proper time off work other than to move or for an injury in three years.

My mental health is suffering. But, I'm self-employed. I have to keep swimming, or I'm going to sink.

I used to think two weeks paid time off a year was pathetic. Now I view it as an almost unimaginable luxury.
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