"UP" The Movie; A Contemporary Parable?

How will housing affect the US and world economy? How will the economy affect housing?

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"UP" The Movie; A Contemporary Parable?

Postby TJ_98370 » Wed Nov 25, 2009 10:34 pm

In my constant pursuit of elite intellectual endeavor, I often watch cartoons and animated films. I recently watched the animated Disney / PIXAR movie "Up". In the movie, the main character, Mr. Fredrickson, flies his house off in search of "Paradise Falls" via the transport method of thousands of helium filled balloons. After much adventure with his sidekick, Russell, he ends up losing his house.
Russell: Sorry about your house Mr. Fredrickson.
Mr. Fredrickson: You know. It's just a house........
Hmmmmm. The imagery and timing is a little more than coincidental, methinks. Was Disney / PIXAR making a social / economic commentary about the housing bubble and it's consequences?
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