Success Leaves Tracks

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Success Leaves Tracks

Postby wallmann » Mon May 18, 2009 8:37 am

Many years ago, I discovered something interesting: Success leaves tracks. So if you want to be a big success, look for those tracks. Find out what successful people in your field are doing, and do the same things. You will shorten your learning curve and accelerate your results.

That's what I did.

When I studied the interviews, speeches, biographies, and autobiographies of successful men and women, I found that they all
had something in common. They were all described as being "extremely well-organized." They used their time very, very well.

They were highly productive and they got vastly more done than the average person in the same period of time.

I followed their paths and it made me who I am today.

Here are two things you can start doing immediately to put this idea into action:

First, develop a plan to learn from the actions of the experts in your field. This can save you years of hard work.

Then, study everything you've learned and choose one of those things - the most important one - to implement. Decide how to
do it. Then do it.

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