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One response to “Vashon Island’s Affordability Future”

  1. JC Taylor

    Just a short note –

    The idea of the island being energy self-sufficient and ‘green’, as it were, is actually a fairly attractive one as far as home prices go. There’s a lot of press and attention being paid to a probable near-term energy crunch that’s going to make things rather uncomfortable for people who have a long commute (ie, lots of money going into the gas tank) or for communities struggling to keep their towns from brownouts.

    A community that was walkable, ‘green’ in housing (ie, the homes are built to a higher conservation standard and use less energy and water), and provided its own renewable energy? Heck. I’d want to live there. :) And to a point, it’d be economically viable for me to do so, compared to living in a McMansion in Puyallup.

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