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4 responses to “Disclosure Loopholes Highlighted”

  1. Alan

    On the topic of inspections, what do people recommend for new construction? I am having a new spec house built by a relatively small builder (few hundred per year) and my agent is recommending an inspection when the house is 90-95% complete. I’ve read others recommend 3-4 phased inspections throughout the construction process. Is this really worthwhile for a spec home?


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  2. Eric D.

    Get as many inspections out of them as you can. You are probably getting no real warranty if you are buying a spec home from a small builder. So get as many inspections as you can otherwise they could decide to cut corners as soon as they know you won’t be inspecting anymore.

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  3. Alan

    Thanks Eric. The builder is providing a 2/10 year warranty through America’s Choice and will let me bring my own inspector but isn’t paying for any inspections. So my question is if I’m spending several hundred dollars for an inspection at 90-95% completion, is it generally worth another several hundred dollars to pay for one or two additional inspections earlier in the construction process?

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  4. Anonymous

    If you can’t afford even a few thousand dollars in inspection costs, you have no business building a house.

    Think of it this way: you’re paying a few thousand to secure the quality of an investment of a few hundred thousand. Don’t you think that makes sense?

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