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  1. MisterBubble

    In the immortal words of Nelson Muntz:


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  2. Luke

    The correlation between sales per default and the home price index (from the “San Diego” link) was amazing. Has anyone seen something similar for Seattle? Anyone know where to the sales and default numbers by week (or even month would work).

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  3. Grivetti

    As I recall, I think there’s a blogger on seattlebubble who actually rents there… wonder what her/his take is on the construction of the place…. probably considerably different expectations if you didn’t buy the lemon, but who knows…

    I’ve noticed much the same, windows all dark, visitor parking lot empty… I got into a PI sound-off arguement with some one talking about how “everyone hasn’t moved in yet”…. hmmm, yeah, like the ghost-investors that bought up the joint…

    This just goes to prove, Seattle wages/incomes what-have-yous CANNOT SUPPORT the 500K condo market, never will. And all these projects coming on line are luxury condo projects… what are people thinking?

    Everything under 400 seems to sell fairly quick but that’s because they’re the only thing affordable…

    2200 is the flag-ship turd leading the Seattle bubble off the edge of the housing map…

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  4. Lake Hills Renter

    I believe you mean “coup999″. He has a blog about it here:

    Fast Times at 2200 Westlake

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  5. Puget Sounder

    Pardon me if I’m off the mark, but I thought Vertigo was a conversion of an existing (hideous) apartment complex. My cousin & her husband live a couple blocks away from there, and I distinctly remember the pre-conversion apartment as being fairly awful — and now it’s a “premium” Capitol Hill condo. What laughs! What person would part with 400K for a 2 bedroom there when better options exist!

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  6. christiangustafson

    Told you so … told you so … told you so … Schadenfreude all the way to Lake Union on the new toy trolley!

    SPAM == Spending Paul Allen’s Money

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  7. EconE

    You guys should read what the person who filed the suit had to say over at the urbnlivn website. He goes into much more detail…if it’s truly the same person and not someone trolling making up stories.

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  8. synthetik


    I linked it because I live near that building. It’s got to be one of the biggest steaming piles of poopie yet.

    The sign posted out front reads something like “The city is your playground. This is home base.”

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  9. T,V & Mr.B

    When I first moved to San Diego in 1991, which was in the middle of the last downfall of SD housing, Some big company built a HUGE luxury condo building. I can’t remember how many units, but it was around a couple of hundred. It sat for 6 months with no takers. Finally one person bought a unit there. He was quoted in the paper as saying, he walks around the hole building naked, as if the hole tower was his home. I guess that is one benefit of slow sales and being the only buyer. He ended up doing quite well 10 years later though. I bet He’s glad he didn’t buy at the peak. He more than trippled his money, and got to treat the whole building as if it were his own.

    the Door-men were still getting paid full time for only one tenent.

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  10. BanteringBear

    While late to the party, Seattle won’t be late for the hangover. With the funny money disappearing, Alt-A included, the Puget Sound area will now be joining everyone else. How about some skyrocketing inventories to start?

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