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  1. Terry

    Whoa! There’s some attitude in the comments –

    …Seattle as a real city is dying. It’s just a nannified software work farm now and mecca for property investors. Kind of like San Diego without the beach or weather….

    Also, I learned a new word today -“MicroNerd“. Presumably it’s an unflattering term for Microsoft employees.

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  2. Deejayoh

    Oh, my favorite was from our very own financeguru, which synthetik was kind enough to censor:

    BTW: I currently own a condo at the edge of Downtown and First Hill…and yes there are many areas that have high levels of drug usage and other things. At least refreshing some neighbor hoods is a good thing. Im getting my MBA at SU (so walk to campus a lot) and it would be nice to see some of these abandoned buildings in the Capital Hill area cleaned up…at least do something productive with them. Also would be nice to reduce some of the Capital Hill “PRIDE” culture.

    thank you for the homophobic rant. Where did you think you were buying, Issaquah?

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  3. Finance

    Deejayoh – Im sorry for my comments, as the only reason I said it was that there was an incident near my building that involved the police and these gay guys with a drug problem going on. I was nearby and had to help the police out..long story, yet I was just frustrated from a few days before when I wrote that due to what I had help do to resolve the situation…it wasnt pretty.

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