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16 responses to “Poll: What’s your favorite pet?”

  1. biliruben

    1 mutt, 4 cats. The dog is the bigger PITA, but she’s my favorite.

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  2. Everett_Tom

    4 cats (down from 6 cats). We’d like to add a dog to the mix, but are waiting until we buy a place… since it’s hard enough to find a rental that’ll take all the cats..

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  3. Lake Hills Renter

    I’m a cat nut, always have been. I have a 13 year old good for nothing lazy furball.

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  4. Chris

    What? No option for pink pony?

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  5. Joel

    Renters are like pets to landlords.

    I used to be really cat/dog crazy, but now that I have a baby the cat is more of a nuisance than anything.

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  6. Ira Sacharoff

    14 year old chow-terrier-corgi mutt, and a 15 year old stroke survivor cat, who still rules the house.

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  7. Scotsman

    meow X 4, tweet X 2, no woof.

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  8. Darby

    Had a ferret once named Turbo, and I loved her. She was a lot of work, hence the name.

    I prefer cats these days. Big, grumpy cats who do their own thing and meow to say hello every once in awhile.

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  9. AndySeattle

    1 meow. No woof. No tweet.

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  10. Jillayne Schlicke

    I just lost my two elderly male cats to kidney failure. One in December, the other in February. Can’t quite bring myself to get another cat, though I’ve been checking out the adoption websites regularly. On Saturday night I had a dream that they both came back to life and had jumped up on the bed to greet me, ala Pet Semetary. Scared the crap out of me and I don’t scare easily.

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  11. biliruben

    Jillayne – Let me know if you decide to get another. My wife’s a vet, and always looking for adopters.

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  12. Jillayne Schlicke

    Hi biliruben,

    I am open to adopting two male cats again. I think I’ll start to seriously look sometime this summer. My heart’s really broken so I need to wait a little while longer.

    Also, it’s kind of nice not having to vacuum up cat fur.

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  13. Lake Hills Renter

    My 13 year old can developed diabetes last year, but fortunately it’s now in remission. But now kidney problems have started. It’s just a matter of time before he succumbs to it as your cats did. :( I imagine it will be a while before I would be able to get another one as well.

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  14. Rhonda Porter

    3 cats: Thelma, Louise and Bagara and one pug: Orson. They’re all up in their golden years… it’s a “blended” family.

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  15. biliruben

    Hey Jillayne –

    Going through me won’t likely be quick, so I understand if you go through more traditional means. Just let me know when you start looking and we’ll see if my wife has any looking for a home at the time.

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