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  1. NotaBull

    No, I’m right because “renters” is a collective noun – by definition it does not apply to an individual person – thus it could not possibly be a “personal attack”.

    And I suppose I could change my handle to Keithsarelosers because that’s not an individual attack either. I’m referring to *all* Keiths, so it’s not personal at all. Oh no.

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  2. Keith

    Tim: I don’t understand how the discussion of “personal attacks” even relates to the new policy.

    Uh, “name-calling” is a form of “personal attack”…or did you mean something else by that? I don’t know, maybe I’m just not clear on the value of these “guidelines”. I didn’t realize there was a true problem that needed addressing in that fashion.

    Speaking as a reader who actually contributed in a minor way to the PayPal fundraising, I am disappointed in the application of this new policy (though I’m loving the non-commercialization restrictions!).

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  3. stephen

    I guess what is troubling to me is that Tim seems to be charged up about the stepped up review policy and is not planning on using it as sparingly as possible. If he was he could just have quietly removed the over the top post and told that person to knock it off. If called on it on the board I don’t think it would have created much of a stir if he posted saying he had to delete a comment that was over the top. He certainly would not have invited people to leave that objected and assumed the worse about them based on that objection.

    This post and the resulting discussion has put the community he has built over the past couple of years on notice to self censor or be prepared to be censored by him. By throwing in ‘being a jerk’ , that censoring becomes extremely subjective and therefore very arbitrary.

    That’s what I meant by it’s just kinda changes the tone and may well make it less interesting and compelling.

    The rebuttal to my argument has basically been that if I object I must want to be able to post those types of remarks. That’s kinda like saying if I object to an unreasonable search of my home I must have something to hide. I have learned over the years that if you feel that way it is really a total waste of my time to try to convince you otherwise.

    Bottom line, it’s his board and and his business. I do wish him luck with it and I hope he finds the right balance. Whether he and the regulars like it or not, many bloggers drift away from sites when they start feeling like they are being monitored. That while obscene, racist or over the top attacks are deleted is probably accepted by most as just understood, if it feels like the whole thing is being conditioned it will lose a lot of appeal. Most of us are here because we like reading or having open and frank discussions about the main subject, real estate, and too a lessor extent finance’s and personal approaches to such.

    Anyway, I just felt I need to explain myself a little more, I am not trying to antagonize anyone :-)

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  4. mikal

    Stepehen you are spot on. It already seems that way. RAL contributed in his own way. He must have hit a real chord to contribute to what happened.

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  5. mikal

    I do see your point.

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  6. Keith

    FWIW, the latest Morgan Stanley “Technology Trends” report ( highlights “Wisdom of Crowds / Self-Supervising Communities” (on slide 13).

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  7. LowRentRob
  8. Labor Day Open Thread | Seattle Bubble — News & discussion about real estate & the housing bubble in the Seattle area.

    [...] Happy Labor Day. For whatever few people happen to be hanging around here today, here’s an open thread to talk about whatever you feel like (within the bounds of the comment policy). [...]

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  9. Tomi

    Shoddy construction is widespread and the “builders” get away with it.
    Visit Homeowners for Better Building ( and Homeowners Against Deficient Dwellings ( These are 2 national non-profits made up of volunteers who are vicitms of shoddy work.
    We have no laws to protect potential homebuyers when purchasing new construction.
    I have seen people foreclose and loose so much at the hands of a builder who walked away free and clear.

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  10. Jan

    Here in Australia over the years too many people got stuck with badly constructed new homes and poorly renovated homes. Now in most states (still not too certain of WA) that all builders are required to take out an insurance policy to cover the likeliehood of unacceptable/bad construction. Also we have building inspections at set times for all new buildings and they have to be signed off on before any progress payments are made.

    Many builders complain about over regulation here but since these policies were implemented, it now is an unusual occurence when a builder goes belly up that people get stuck.

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  11. softwarengineer

    RE: Jan @ 112

    GREETINGS June from Australia :-)

    You’re right, absurd uncontrolled population growth with concurrent “slapping more glueboard shacks together” creates national debt crisis and subpar construction, especially using unskilled [undocumented] workers “on the cheap”. A lesson America mostly refuses to learn, even though it’s as clear in America as the nose on your face.

    Kudos for your new Prime Minister’s backbone on controlling your country’s population growth….America desparately could use a real leader in demography planning like Australia’s. But alas, I can only dream [or perhaps immigrate out of this soon to be 3rd world country, to Australia?....LOL].

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