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6 responses to “WA Troubled Banks Update (Plus National Bank Bonus)”

  1. Ross

    It’s interesting that there’s so many troubled banks in Texas, when they seemingly did not have (or did not have much) of a housing bubble.

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  2. Monday Multifamily Links « Jansen Multifamily Team Blog

    [...] WA Troubled Banks Update [...]

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  3. Scotsman

    I read the other day that Benny B. is changing his tune on the banks, saying that there should be absolutely no more bail-outs, and particularly no more bailouts at tax payer expense. Maybe he realizes the tax money won’t be there, and the debt is unsustainable?

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  4. The_Dude_Abides

    WRT the Texas ratio – there are $1M NPLs w/ good collateral and $1M NPLs w/ poor collateral…therein lies the investment opportunities. Have the NPLs been written down fairly?

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  5. zzman

    The Tim, Just wondering what it means if a credit union trouble status is “unknown.” I’m looking at BECU. If we have accounts there, should we be worried that they may fold?

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