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22 responses to “Real Actual Listing Photos: Mega Mountain Edition”

  1. Lake Hills Renter

    That first image cracks me up. Who knew that Buckley has such a thriving sea port? Or is that new development on Bonney Lake?

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  2. Scotsman

    I’m still trying to figure out how one stares at the allure of yachts verses the yacht itself. I thought allure was an experince, not an object. What does allure look like? Will I know it when I see it? Do I need special glasses?

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  3. ray pepper

    oh oh…even yours truly is guilty of this one on our website:

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  4. Kary L. Krismer

    RE: ray pepper @ 3 – Is it just my browser, or is that a stretch ferry? ;-)

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  5. softwarengineer

    A Lion’s Share of PNW Real Estate is Sold as View Property

    Its a joke.

    Hades, many $800/mo Auburn 3 bdrm apartments have a view of Ranier better than most of these “over-blown” examples…so what?

    In the end, you’re not gazing at your so-called view hardly at all….but you do pay attention to those monthly rent/mortgage payments…

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  6. cheapseats

    RE: Kary L. Krismer @ 4 – I think it is just going into/ coming out of warp…

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  7. ChrisM

    RE: ray pepper @ 3 – Ray, could you correct the calculator to reflect the min commission? Simply entering $100, it says I’ll get back $2.25.

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  8. Kary L. Krismer

    By cheapseats @ 6:

    RE: Kary L. Krismer @ 4 – I think it is just going into/ coming out of warp…

    Cool. I’m going to buy Kitsap County reality before anyone else figures this out!

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  9. redmondjp

    Heh! I can see Mount Baker from my kitchen window . . . between the trees, on a clear day, if I know where to look. Can I put that in my listing description when I go to sell? Maybe I should install one of those prismatic lenses that they put in the back of RV windows so it will look bigger – what’s that, those actually make things look smaller? Drat!

    On the topic of pushing the limits, a few years ago I was driving through the center of Mercer Island and saw several houses for sale which had the “WATERFRONT” placard separately attached underneath the sign. Knowing that I was nowhere near the edge of the island in any direction, I just had to stop and check it out. Well, there was a man-made “lake” of sorts in the back which gave the impression that their storm drains were blocked up and the water had covered their back yards. The lake was suitable for children’s toys and that’s about it. I suspect that one could wade all the way across quite easily.

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  10. Kary L. Krismer

    RE: redmondjp @ 9 – I once handled a fraud claim by a buyer where the listing was advertised as waterfront, but there was really a community area around the entire lake, so my client’s property didn’t touch the water. Prior to buying and during a visit, my client told one of the agents (I don’t remember if it was the selling agent or listing agent) of her plans to build a dock, which that person admitted the statement was made and admitted they didn’t tell her she couldn’t build a dock.

    I actually had to get in front of a judge for the agent’s and seller’s attorney to agree to settle the case. Maybe they were getting their legal advice from Ardell! ;-) :-D

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  11. Peter Witting

    I’ve been in that first house. Contrary to the picture, the stairs going up are not nearly horizontal.

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  12. ray pepper

    RE: ChrisM @ 7

    I don’t do any of that stuff. I’ll forward it to web designer and add it to her to-do list..BTW…yes, its a STRETCH FERRY coming out of a time warp!

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  13. randy

    Here is another fitting into the theme.

    “White oak floors accentuate the full-scale freedom of furniture capacity, people flow, stunning bursting view perspectives.”

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  14. Scotsman

    RE: randy @ 13

    Proof that after a couple of glasses of white wine every realtor thinks she’s the next Longfellow.

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  15. LA Relo

    Love this:

    “Remarkably one of the most stunning homes with sunrises and sunsets.”

    First of all, that sentence doesn’t really even make sense: a home with sunsets and sunrises? What, does the house have it’s own sun?

    And although size is upwards of 3000sq ft and asking over 3.5 Million, I still doubt it has enough of a view to see a sunrise and a sunset. Unless of course it has it’s own sun.

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  16. Aaron

    They should have to write a disclaimer with the listing photos like…”Warning, objects in photo may appear closer than they actually are” or “Photo taken from an adjacent properties with a better view.”

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  17. cheapseats

    RE: LA Relo @ 15 – If it is a high point on a ridge or in a tall building that has east and west views it would be very possible to have sunrise/sunset views

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  18. LS

    Hilarious! Real Estate Agents are generally the only people that have their pictures on their business cards…I wonder…do they alter those too?

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  19. BillE

    I think those are still better than no picture at all. I’ve seen a bunch of listings that mention the magnificent view and fail to provide a photo. If the view is that great, it’s worth the 10 seconds to take a picture. The agents will include a picture of a gollyed toilet in the listing, but not of the view. What’s up with that?

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  20. jacklig

    i’m proud to say I listed my queen anne condo without one touch up in a photo editting software…. condo is not sold yet… maybe i should :)

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