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7 responses to “Conforming Loan Limit Changes to Hit Eastside Hardest”

  1. Scotsman

    Microsoft coders hardest hit. Film at 11:00.

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  2. softwarengineer

    Call Me Hard Hearted

    But the top 1% or even less of household incomes that qualify for like a $700K loan, don’t need the bailout….they’re the rich elite.

    And if they have that much investment money saved over the decades and/or inheritance in that amount to use as a down payment to qualify for the jumbo loan with a relatively dinky top 10% household income [approx $100K on up]; they read Mad Magazine for investment advice for their retirement/investment cash and deserve the IMMINENT loss.

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  3. Blurtman

    RE: softwarengineer @ 2 – Can you be rich without being elite?

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  4. Kary L. Krismer

    I suspect this would be impossible to do, but it would be better to look at the percentage of deeds of trust over the new limit. Even then you wouldn’t know it would affect the transaction unless you somehow knew the buyer didn’t have extra money to put down.

    20% down would be a low down payment on a high end house, and so that number is practically irrelevant.

    See post 64 here for some 2.5 year old stats on mortgages for sales over $1M.

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  5. grumble

    Interesting – you would think the 630k to 710k range would be affected most. Also, >710k would have to kick in additional ~80k to get a conforming loan.

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  6. John Doe

    We are renting in Sammamish and looking to purchase a home in the $600-650K range. The change to conforming loan limits has caused us to stop looking at houses. I am guessing we are not alone out there which means there will be lower demand for housing in certain markets like Sammamish.

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  7. allamerican

    We were house hunting all summer. Since the loan limit expired we are no longer able to buy a second home. Hopefully there are others who can come up with 20% down and help the housing market. It was too early in this housing market to let the loan limit expire.

    I heard they’ve proposed foreigners to obtain a visa and allow them to purchase homes. That’s great – we can all look forward to the new future of foreign landlords.

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