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Tim Ellis is the founder of Seattle Bubble. His background in engineering and computer / internet technology, a fondness of data-based analysis of problems, and an addiction to spreadsheets all influence his perspective on the Seattle-area real estate market.

105 responses to “Case-Shiller Tiers: Seattle’s Low Tier Still Losing Big”

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  1. Jonness

    By Kary L. Krismer @ 88:

    By Jonness @ 84:
    The people who listened to my advice are WAY ahead of the financial game, and the people who listened to your advice absolutely demolished their financial futures and will spend countless years suffering and grieving over it.

    The people who would have listened to you and acted based on your advice are by definition fools. Shall we start calling you King of the Fools?

    Nah, you should save that title for Warren Buffet.

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  2. whatsmyname

    By Sweet Pea @ 70:

    “Life is awfully short to spend it tied to a house, and letting that ball and chain dictate major life choices. People don’t have job security, for the most part. Maybe their pension is underfunded, maybe they planned on moving up and hate their neighborhood now. After several years of a big mortgage payment, stagnant wages, and maybe missed opportunities, how long will people put up with that? Maybe their in love with their house and location, but I’m not sure if that’s the norm these days.”

    Excellent points all. Does this mean you have committed to never getting yourself in that position?

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  3. MichaelB

    By Tatiana Kalashnikov @ 69:

    RE: Jonness @ 59

    Oh my goodness! I’m not sure that you should have children Mr. Jonness..

    If this is your real picture – you are much hotter than Jonness! Is it true you are actually software engineer?

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  4. Kary L. Krismer

    By Jonness @ 100:

    By Kary L. Krismer @ 86:
    By Jonness @ 84:
    Time and time again, I’ve stuck my neck out and accurately predicted the overall future trend.

    Stuck your neck out? LOL. Maybe you didn’t hear the news about the “Great Recession” but predicting future declines in prices during such an event hardly seems like going out on a limb.

    Don’t hurt yourself patting yourself on the back.

    After all the crap you gave me in the past when I predicted the overall price trend remained down, and now you have the nerve (after the fact) to claim this was easy to foresee and everybody knew it all along. You are so far in denial I’m surprised you can function on a daily basis.

    Read again. What I’ve always said is that real estate prices are dependent on many different factors, and you can’t just focus on one or even a handful of factors. I’ve never denied, and often admitted, that many factors were negative. The economy almost collapsed in 2008-early 2009.

    What I’m saying is you made the safe prediction back then, and now you’re patting yourself on the back claiming that you made some far out prediction.

    Stated differently, you’re one of the many sheep in this country, not a ground-breaker. You hold the opinion of the common person.

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  5. Seattle Bubble • Official King Co. Economic Forecast Cites Seattle Bubble

    [...] of the Office of Economic and Financial Analysis is a Seattle Bubble reader, citing my chart of the decline from peak in Seattle’s Case-Shiller tiers in a recent presentation to the Regional Policy Committee (be patient, the video takes a little [...]

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