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14 responses to “Real Actual Listing Photos: Shipwrecked Edition”

  1. Pegasus

    “LRI- Duplex Zoned.” That photo looks like a World War II bombing mission photo. Is that the intent?

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  2. Peter Witting

    If the Mercedes makes the Kirkland listing an estate-home-ready lot, what does the Porsche do for the Beacon Hill place?

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  3. Mike

    The ship is kinda cool.

    At least they don’t include a screen shot of the map, which shows that the house appears to be quite litterally on the “wrong side of the tracks”. Maybe it has been owned by the same family since 1930 because their ship got beached and they could never escape from being trapped between the Sound and the Sounder.

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  4. The Desponder

    I’m surprised they aren’t marketing that old boat as a mother-in-law apt., yoga studio, or rental.

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  5. Pegasus

    Looking at the one with a ship in the front yard, I think in the old days the landowners would move the lights around at night so that the ships would get confused and run aground and they could plunder them. Back then we called them pirates, nowadays we call them bankers.

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  6. John Bailo

    The bizarre part is not the photos but the listing themselves.

    First of all…the Seattle home is really nice for $134,950, although, yes, I know Rainier Beach. But as a home it’s pretty similar to the Kirkland Home for $225,000.

    Now we get to the Kirkland home for $850,000. Why so much…well, he’s selling you the land and it’s development potential as his little sketch indicates:

    You can build “potentially” 4 more homes ( $850,000 / 4 = $212,000 each ?)

    So I’ve tried to use this kind of reasoning in the past based on the $2 million dollar mansion that went for $500,000 and it had 14 acres!

    So you can get 14 acres for $500,000 plus a gigantic 4 bedroom home — or 1.74 acres for $850,000 and a small ranch home?! The high end isn’t making sense…and it’s impact on the lower tiers has yet to be felt…

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  7. T. Y. Lee

    I love how Shipwreck House doesn’t actually show us a single picture of the home’s interior. You know, that part you actually LIVE IN.

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  8. softwarengineer

    RE: The Tim @ 4

    I’m Surprised This is Even Legal

    Kary may be able to help, but parking old rusted hulls in the bay [that's public property BTW] sounds about as legal as our Social Security Agency and banks ignoring/masking chronic/blatant SSN identity fraud.

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  9. Kary L. Krismer

    RE: softwarengineer @ 9 – Admiralty law is not really something I’ve dealt with much, except to the extent of liens and other secured claims.

    One small tidbit. To record a deed of trust you pay a recording fee based on the number of pages. Years ago when I looked at Preferred Ship Mortgages, the fee was based on the number of words. That’s how odd Admiralty law is.

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  10. ChrisM

    RE: John Bailo @ 7 – IIRC, that 14 acres isn’t as developable (is that a word?) as you may think, due to steep slope. I don’t recall if wetlands were involved, but they might have been in there as well.

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  11. Scotsman

    With steel scrap going for $220/ton I know how you could easily recoup your down payment. . .

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  12. Kary L. Krismer

    RE: Scotsman @ 12 – Or a great place to build a balcony with a hot tub.

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  13. mukoh

    The shipwreck will never get cleaned up in Posession. Its been there for as long as I have lived around Edmonds. It is one hell of a fishing spot to troll through at the evening tide. :) Always get doubles!.

    That lot will only take two years in permits through tribes, and DOE!. The sellers there have been in the loonie bin twice. ;)

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