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8 responses to “Poll: I currently live ____ from work.”

  1. AxlRose

    As the crow flies? 1 mile. Unfortunately or not, I am not a crow, so it takes me about 3.3-3.8 miles, depending on the day (different locations), each way. This is very much on purpose. I have commuted 20+ miles each way before for a few years, it is not for me. Now, I can drive, bike, or walk, and have done all 3, though admittedly I still mostly drive. Even if I bike, it’s under a half hour, faster downhill, complete with giant hill exercise plan on the way home. And even if I drive, it’s less than 2 gallons of gas a week.

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  2. cutienoua

    Seeing that I drive to different sites everyday,there is no answer that fits me.
    The better question would be : How far away from the place you wanna live are you now?
    Answer : less than 1 mile!
    Anyway,I think it’s beneficial to place a good distance between work and the place you live.
    Keeps you from getting all the calls!

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  3. Yerbolat

    -1 -10 miles for telecommuters :)
    no need to take shower or dress up
    negative commute time

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  4. Chris

    Walk to work every day.

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  5. Cascadian

    Over 20 miles. But less than 4 miles to the park & ride where I take a vanpool the rest of the way. Yay King County Metro!

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  6. Conor MacEvilly

    You forgot the “I work from home in my PJ’s” category. I checked the less than a mile option.

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  7. Doug

    almost 20 miles away. I work in Bellevue, and my wife works for Boeing in Everett, so we pretty much split the difference.

    I carpool most days, and it’s about a 30 minute commute each way, not so bad, really. In a few months I should be able to telecommute a couple days a month, which is a blessing.

    While my situation works for me, I still consider myself essentially priced out of Bellevue/Kirkland/Redmond, I *could* afford a fixer-upper there, but it would be really stretching it. I like having disposable income.

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  8. jeanette

    i bike 8 miles from south seattle to the ferry terminal, ferry over to bainbridge and then bike a quarter mile from there to the office. so 5-10 miles, not counting the ferry ride?

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