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15 responses to “Cheapest Homes: June 2012 Edition”

  1. Teo

    Hi Tim, I love all the series you are running on this blog, except for this thread on “cheapest homes”. I am not sure what purpose this serves, and it is not even fun. If you take the position of those who just bought one of those cheapest homes, the feeling is probably not that good.

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  2. wreckingbull

    RE: Teo @ 1 – I’d be pretty happy if I bought a place at 35 cents on the dollar of its peak bubble sale price. I am also not sure what you mean by this.

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  3. Teo

    To be clear, I am not one of the owners of these cheapest homes, so I am guessing and I could be wrong here.

    The cheap price, being a pro, typically comes with cons (a feeling I have looking at many of these cheapest homes). We joke about people who do not study and end up working in Walmart, and I guess the same joke can be made to those who end up living in cheapest homes. I am just saying, not that I agree to those Jokes. :)

    Also, the most reduction in price does not necessarily mean the house is cheap. I remember posts on this blog about houses sold with a big drop in price as compared to its peak, which I think is a lot more interesting.

    RE: wreckingbull @ 3 -

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    If you click on the Beacon Hill link and look at the parcel outlined in red…unless my eyes are deceiving me…it doesn’t look like there is a structure on that land. Maybe it’s hiding under the trees.

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  5. Dweezil

    I like this series for the purpose of perspective. When you have the median price showing up everywhere, it may become easy to assume you have to spend tons of money on housing.

    I would not feel bad at all if I paid under 200k for a house when I see people spending 425k on a house that truly is not that much better. In fact, I think Tim should turn this into the Cheapest/Most Expensive edition. Show us the top 3 and the bottom 3 for some nice comparison.

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  6. murrcat

    To me this series documents the answers to these questions:

    Is it possible to buy a “livable” house under 200k in Seattle? (IE not necessarily an investment property, although I bet many of these are bought as investments.)
    If so, where is it located, and what are the typical lot and house sizes?

    I do think that the 1010 S Trenton property doesn’t fit within the criteria since it is labeled “investor” property and does not show interior photos.

    Thanks for the series Tim.

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  7. Kary L. Krismer

    By murrcat @ 7:

    Is it possible to buy a “livable” house under 200k in Seattle?.

    If you look at some of the pictures of these sold homes, they would hardly be described as livable. One had exposed studs throughout.

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  8. ChrisM
  9. Scotsman

    Some of you people are snobs. There are plenty of folks who would love to buy/own and live in these- especially the last two. Hell, I’d live in them, and could afford much, much better.

    The guy who buys one of these, pays it off, then goes on to either invest in assets, education, travel, etc. will likely beat the pants off of most of most here when the final tally of a life well lived comes.

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  10. ChrisM

    RE: Scotsman @ 10 – Agreed. Were I single I’d certainly consider purchasing them. And, if purchased, would brag about the price!

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  11. Dorothea

    I like this series. Much emphasis is put on the high-end end of the market as it is. Question for Tim: was there ever a time (peak bubble?) that you were unable to find three listing that met your requirements for “cheapest homes”?

    These are not being touted as the best deal, simply the cheapest listing. It adds perspective and balance.

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  12. Julie Lyda, RE/MAX Northwest Realtors

    It may be interesting to add the 3 Most Expensive homes listed and sold for your readers as well, it might create some interesting discussion about irrational exuberance. :)

    I know there have been times I’ve shook my head and said “omg they got that much for that”.

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  13. softwarengineer

    The Best part of Tim’s Cheap Homes

    They’re all under 1500 SF….gosh, even an all electric PSE monthly bill could heat this NGT the low 300s/mo during the coldest Winter months, especially if they have 2×6 thick insulation. In SE King county all I see them mostly bulding “new” are those giant glueboard energy pigs on dinky lots.

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  14. softwarengineer

    RE: softwarengineer @ 14

    And That’s Cranking the Thermostat to 72 Degrees Leaving It On 24/7s

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