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  1. Kary L. Krismer

    By pfft @ 98:

    By Kary L. Krismer @ 96:
    By pfft @ 94:
    a lot of the guns are purchased where there are lax guns laws..

    So I guess all the heroin and meth in this country are sold only in parts of the country where there are lenient drug laws, right?

    the drug laws are basically all the same throughout the nation.

    Exactly. What does that tell you? Prohibition doesn’t work. You can buy and obtain things that are not legal to buy. It’s extremely naive to think otherwise, but pro-gun control people tend to be extremely naive.

    The connection is we can’t keep drugs out of this country, but drugs have a life of a few weeks once imported. Guns last for decades. Do you really think that by passing laws making guns illegal that guns in the hands of criminals will be reduced? How did that work for cocaine and heroin?

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  2. Kary L. Krismer

    By Doug @ 99:

    RE: Kary L. Krismer @ 873

    Here’s an excellent statistical analysis of gerrymandering. The conclusions? Republicans have gerrymandered to the point that states are just flat-out not represented correctly. Urban concentration is not pointed to as being the causative factor at play, partisan gerrymandering is.

    This would seem to be the kind of thing that your abhor, Kary.

    I don’t understand how the author can make any of the claims made without having software that would allow him to redistrict. Without knowing where every voter lives, how could you determine the impact of any districting changes? Also, it assumes that a voter voting for a Democrat (Republican) would vote for different Democrat (Republican) in a different district. You would need to know what the propensity of partisan Democrats and Republicans is for each neighborhood.

    Also, I don’t really find his conclusions on the level of “structural” differences (effect of urban areas) to be all that compelling.

    But yes, I don’t like gerrymandering.

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  3. Kary L. Krismer

    David Gregory violates a gun law on TV and gets rewarded with an exclusive interview of President Obama. I wonder what laws George Stephanopoulos and Chris Wallace will violate next Sunday? Will George snort a line and Chris strip naked? I await Blurtman’s further suggestions.

    Funny though. Gregory had to bring up gun laws as a topic for action during the first year of the second term, but the some of the reporting is that President Obama will be making that a priority. Yes, it’s so important he simply forgot to mention it! /sarc

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