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6 responses to “Southwest King County Still Most-Distressed”

  1. masaba

    Given the location distribution of distressed sales, it’s no surprise that they have a much lower median than that of non-distressed sales. Of course, I missed this chart the other times you posted this, so my observation may be well-known among your other readers.

    This seems like an important caveat when posting the ‘non-distressed’ vs ‘distressed’ median prices.

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  2. mike

    Also I don’t think it’s coincidence that SW King had the last *cough* “affordable” neighborhoods just before the bubble popped. They hosted a disproportionate share of marginal buyers right at the worst possible time.

    Interesting on the North King stats. I’d bet most of these distress sales are north of about 105th. South of that point we’re seeing a lot more new construction and fix/flip activity priced at $450K up to over a $mil depending on the hood. Even the previously run down sunken part of Greenwood is seeing quite a bit of activity. Whoda thunk people would willing to fork over $600K+ to live in the Greenwood peat bog?

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  3. Craig Blackmon

    Tim, if Ballard, Greenlake, and Lake City are all “North King Co.” then what is the geographic area for “Seattle”? I certainly would have assumed that “North King Co.” would be north of 145th St., i.e. outside of the city limits, and the neighborhoods you identified would be within the area of “Seattle” (since those areas in fact are). But that’s not right?

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  4. softwarengineer

    Is That Jet Exhaust from SEATAC in SW King County

    Still linked to a higher cancer rate?

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  5. softwarengineer

    RE: softwarengineer @ 4

    I Imagine the Jet Rumbling Noise from SEATAC is a Bit Quiter Now

    With more quiet engines today.

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