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15 responses to “Follow-Up: Seattle Area Property Management Companies”

  1. uwp

    These are some helpful notes.
    Thanks for the follow-up with the reader.

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  2. softwarengineer

    Interesting Take at End

    “The new owner will probably want to bulldoze it”….I own land like that too, its right on a major intersection [perfect for a new strip mall] and on top of the hill [no water drainage issues].

    Sometimes our attachments to old remodeled [then remodeled again, etc,etc] 1920 Seattle architecture become pointless, when just the land could be used for something far more profitable.

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  3. Phil Mattern

    I’ve used WPI Real Estate Services for my Seattle single family house rental for nearly 3 years and have been very pleased with them.

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  4. David B.

    Personally, I’d never select the services of a PM company that had consistently terrible reviews from either landlords or tenants. That would knock RPA out of consideration for me.

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  5. ray pepper

    I would not use a property management company EVER unless I had an extensive portfolio and travelled the world 11 months out of the year! They do squat! All you need is half a brain and Landlord Solutions when you get gummed up!

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  6. Erik

    RE: ray pepper @ 5
    I agree. These services are for people that are scared to rent a place for themselves. I do a way better job finding tenants than these services do.

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  7. Gordon Stephensohn

    Tim, thanks for this nice free advertising. Our managers didn’t know they were getting “secret shopped” but we’re happy that your reader chose Real Property Associates!

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  8. Sorin

    RE: ChrisM @ 8 – Have you never rented before? I as a tenant would never have put up with a nosy landlord who wanted to inspect the property on a monthly basis.

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  9. Justin

    The smaller the property management company the more personal the approach. Locally owned / family owned businesses always get a +1 from me, assuming they pass other criteria. I prefer Brooks Property and Storage for my property management needs in Bellingham.

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  10. MEENA

    This is a great & informative article. I’m curious, how was your experience after hiring the PM for a year? I hired NPP and am ready for someone else. Any feedback would be immensely appreciated.

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  11. J.R.

    RE: MEENA @ 12

    @Meena: Tim pointed out your comment to me. I’m the original author of this piece.

    I don’t have any complaints about RPA. They’ve handled everything, and 99.9% of the time I don’t have to think about this house at all (which was my goal). My last interaction with them was a couple months ago, when they asked if I wanted to renew the lease for the current renters (who are great), and of course I did.

    I would definitely recommend RPA to anybody looking for a property management company.


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  12. MEENA

    Thank you so much for your feedback JR. I’ve gone through 3 PMs and am really looking forward to someone reliable. I will contact RPA.

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  13. Erik

    RE: MEENA @ 14
    Successful people I know use to tell me to rent my property myself because rental agencies don’t care about you. I didn’t follow that advice once and I got screwed. Rental agencies do not care about you or your property. The only experience I had, I regretted it. You did it 3 times and it never worked. Many people I trust have told me to rent a property myself. From my experience and talking to well qualified people, I can easily conclude that you should rent it yourself. You can be lazy now and take the easy way out now or you can pay later after your property is trashed and your tenants don’t pay. I would pay now.

    If you get a rental agency to get your tenants and they turn out good, I would call that an outlier or lucky. You have a much better chance of success if you manage it yourself. Atleast find the renters yourself.

    Ray Pepper is a guy that knows a lot about real estate. He is one of the most qualified people on here. He has about 10 rentals at all times and he has been very successful in real estate and made a lot of money at it. See what he has to say in his comment above.

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