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7 responses to “Poll: Favorite Hardwood Floor Color for Home?”

  1. Blurtman

    Blue and green.

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  2. Erik

    Red, white, and blue. Those colors don’t run!

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  3. ricklind


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  4. Kary L. Krismer

    28% of people hate hardwood floors? That’s a result I find surprising. I might expect an even higher number than that for laminate, but not for hardwood.

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  5. Blurtman

    RE: Kary L. Krismer @ 4 – The volatile organic compounds emitted by carpeting can be intoxicating. Plus, dirt floor was not a choice.

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  6. Peter Witting

    I love hardwood floors. Wall-to-wall carpet is nothing but a disgusting, filth-infested, stinky dirt trap.

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  7. Astro Kermit

    21% prob prefer carpet. For those people, I would suggest next time you go to your friends place with carpet is to kneel down face towards the carpet and take a long whiff. I dare you to even try tasting it. It is amazing how much dirt gets track / trapped in carpet. How often to people steam clean (it really is just hot water, none of the cleaners on the market actually “steam”) their carpets? Annually at best?

    Hardwood floors, hmmm.. they smell and taste so fine.

    (note to self: don’t post drunk esp at work during a beer social)

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