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8 responses to “Case-Shiller Tiers: Low Tier Strongest in September”

  1. softwarengineer

    Its Time for Like Two Enginner or RN Incomes to Get Married

    So they can qualify for a loan to grab up high priced lower tier real estate… the rest of Seattle’s higher tiers can buy and sell too.

    Let’s see now, engineers are getting as scarce/extinct as dinosaurs in America….and RNs have a current 50% unemployment rate at graduation. But they told us these occupations were scarce, not glutted. Like ACA, they lied.

    BTW, as American RNs face a no jobs left market, were insourcing their replacements holding green cards as fast as possible; for the few jobs that are open….American engineers just got outsourced to Japan, S. Korea and EU….at higher wages too.

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  2. corndogs

    OMG! Another month exactly as Corndog predicted! As TeenErik would say, Corndogs must be a freaking geneous!!! or was it genious? oh well. I remember Wreckedbung trying to be a smarty pants when I proposed that all tiers would approach CS 160 and then track with inflation…. well now look who’s been silenced, he is no longer in play… like a puppet with limp green felt arms and tiny fingerless mittens that can no longer type meaningless sentences. He lies haphazardly into the steamer truck. His paper mache head with upturned painted eyebrows face to face with that of tiny puppet Matthew (the air apheirant of real estate predication).

    and the Red Baron rests in silence, evermore……

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  3. Scotsman

    Fearing they will be “priced out forever” buyers of all ages stretch to get into a house- any house before it’s too late. Hey- looks like we may be building another bubble!

    Corny- we won’t just be tracking inflation. This is Seattle, founding home of the pink pony. Sure, Boeing may be leaving, but any day now Amazon will stop growing its’ physical plant and start paying out big bonuses and dividends. Property values will shoot to the moon. With the Fed locked into perpetual QE the markets of all kinds can only go one way- up. Although I did read something about the last treasury auction having the lowest bid/cover since ’09 in the 7 year auction……

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  4. Blurtman

    RE: softwarengineer @ 1 – Paul Allen is building a biotech hub in South Lake Union. Fear not.

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  5. softwarengineer

    RE: Blurtman @ 4
    He’ll Probably Insource Subpar Technical Like MSFT Does

    And build X-boxes for practically no profit and Windows 8s nobody wants.

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  6. Erik

    RE: corndogs @ 2
    It is “genius.” Pop off! I never said you were a genius unless you are selling in December. Are you selling in December?

    Wreckingbull is not smart, he just tries to never make a firm statement so nobody can tell if he is smart or not. He thinks he is fooling us. Maybe some are fooled. He is not fooling me.

    Matthew tries, but he is always calling for doom. He’s a fraidy cat. He doesn’t have a good handle on the market.

    You are the only person on this site that will say something measurable and be right, so you should brag it up and nobody can say much. Have a nice holiday and thank you for the advice about the market and when to sell.

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  7. Erik

    RE: corndogs @ 2
    Matthew isn’t a puppet, he is a member of Wreckingbull’s goon squad.

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  8. Blurtman

    RE: Erik @ 7 – Berzerker smash!

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