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5 responses to “Real Actual Listing Photos: Radioactive Edition”

  1. mike

    #2 – on the bright side, that’s the cleanest mattress I’ve ever seen in a crack house.

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  2. softwarengineer

    Let’s See the Dark Grim Dirty Unfinished Dining Room One for $17000 3% Commission

    That comes to about $1.7M/3= $500K-600K….LOL

    I know, the land is worth that much…..just bulldoze the house down and build another custom home on the “location, location, location” land for only a mere $200-300K more….

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  3. Scotsman

    #2 has gone pending. Time to get up and move out!

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  4. ChrisM

    Regarding the first house, I love snark as much as the next person, but I’m listening to a bootleg of Stevie Ray Vaughan and feeling very generous… The photo you show is the *last* in the series. The primary photo is very reasonable, as are most of the photos.

    In contrast, I approve of your word “terrifying” for #2, and feel that it actually warrants more photos in the post. That deserves an award… For what, I’m not exactly sure… You *need* to interview Adam once the house has closed (or burned down).

    On number three, how do you get a property w/ no access??? And who would buy such a property????? That would be a fun interview for the listing agent: “What were you thinking?”

    Hmm, is there a form checkbox for that: “legal access is possible”

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  5. David B.

    Since the caption text in #4 is blurry, too, that means it’s a badly-taken photo of a brochure or a computer screen. Well, I guess being out-of-focus is one way to avoid the moirĂ© patterns caused by the interaction between either pixels or halftone dots and the camera’s sensor.

    As Tim points out, nothing says “hire me as an agent” like “I’m too lazy to spend a tiny bit of effort getting better images in my pursuit of a fat commission check”.

    Update: Just looked at the listing. It’s obviously of a computer screen. Someone needs to learn how to take screen-shots (easy to do in both Windows and Mac; no excuses for images as bad as this).

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