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8 responses to “Zillow’s “Coming Soon” Off to a Slow Start”

  1. Kary L. Krismer

    For some reason the NWMLS hasn’t directly warned agents about Coming Soon, other than a recent Legal Bulletin dealing with related issues which came out well before Zillow announced. Most firms seemingly have warned their agents.

    Also, check you Zillow’s Youtube video at 48 seconds. Sure they knew about the NWMLS rule. /sarc (Why don’t links appear????)

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  2. Kary L. Krismer

    The Youtube link appeared. Rewatching the video this might be something only open to “Zillow Premier Agents” which I believe are agents who pay Zillow money each month. That would clearly limit its use, and both explain the results Tim is finding and also make it even less useful.

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  3. Grant

    I am on your website. I cannot see how to list a property near Duvall, WA.

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  4. SG

    The hatchet jobs on Zillow made sense while Tim was employed at Redfin. Now that he has moved on to Porch, I don’t get it. I am sure Porch’s growth on every single product is not impressive either. But wait, Zillow’s Digs does overlap Porch’s turf. Ok, carry on then.

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  5. Kary L. Krismer

    RE: SG @ 5 – Other than some agents in some other states, have you heard anyone say anything good about Zillow’s Coming Soon? I haven’t and I’ve been following it fairly closely. At least one consumer group hates it.

    Seemingly it only benefits the listing agent, possibly at the expense of their client.

    Also, how is this a hatchet job? Do you dispute the data? Maybe Tim was being a bit overly optimistic as to the number of pre-listings possible, but it does seem like it’s not very successful–perhaps for a reason.

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  6. Rhonda Porter

    IMO it’s an attempt for Zillow to try to get more “Premier Agents” signed up… however, I don’t see why a seller would want to do this when they can list their home as “make me move”, if they wanted to.

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  7. Craig Blackmon

    RE: Rhonda Porter @ 7 – Good insight, Rhonda. You’re right that the Zillow model now uses its famed “zestimates” merely as a lead generator for traditional agents. In that light, this feature may have more value. It’s one more bell and/or whistle to entice new advertisers (real estate brokers).

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