Those Darn Fundamentals

This is a little redundant, but that’s why I’m posting it on a Saturday. It’s just a slightly different take on the economic fundamentals that allegedly drive the local housing market. Much of this data comes from the recently-released 2007 King County Annual Growth Report. You can get all these charts and the data behind […]

What happens to listings?

As a follow-on to Tim’s post yesterday about the practice of relisting properties, here is a look at what has been happening to inventory over the past few years, and how the trends have changed over time. The questions “what is happening with all of those listings” and “how many sellers just give up?” have […]

King County Home Prices: 1946-2007

A while back (September 2006, to be more precise) the Seattle Times published a 22-year “analysis” of King County home prices, which essentially came to the conclusion that Seattle would be immune to the home price drops that were beginning to occur elsewhere around the country. Their graph of local home prices going back to […]

2007 Neighborhood Months of Supply Breakdown

Let’s do some more number-crunching and neighborhood analysis. Here’s a detailed look at single-family house “months of supply” (MOS) over the last year, broken down by neighborhood. “Months of supply” is just a way of looking at the relationship between the number of homes on the market and the number of sales taking place. To […]

WCRER: Price Declines Get Rolling

The Washington Center for Real Estate Research has released their data for the fourth quarter of 2007, and it finally has some good news for home buyers. According to the WCRER calculations, home prices in Q4 dropped 7% from the previous quarter ($472,000 to $439,000), which naturally edged the affordability index up slightly to a […]

Detailed Study of Land Use Regulations & Home Prices

The big local housing story today is a study that was released recently by University of Washington Economics professor Theo Eicher. The thrilling title of the study is “Municipal and Statewide Land Use Regulations and Housing Prices Across 250 Major US Cities,” and it may be found (along with a number of related materials) here. […]

Freddie Mac: 81% 4th Qtr. ’07 Refi’s exceeded original loan by 5% or more.

Frank Nothaft, Vice President and Chief Economist of Freddie Mac: “In the fourth quarter of 2007, 81% of Freddie Mac-owned loans that were refinanced resulted in new mortgages with loan amounts that were at least 5% higher than the original mortgage balances, according to Freddie Mac’s quarterly refinance review. The revised share for the third […]