FHA: Foreclosure One Year Ago? No Problem!

I received tips from two different people in the last few days about a recent change in FHA underwriting standards announced in a letter titled “Back to Work – Extenuating Circumstances” Quoting from the letter: As a result of the recent recession many borrowers who experienced unemployment or other severe reductions in income, were unable […]

NACA: The Largest Housing Services Organization in America Comes to Washington State

A word from The Tim: This post is from long-time Seattle Bubble participant Jillayne Schlicke, real estate educator through her company CE Forward. Jillayne keeps a close watch on industry news, and agreed to write up this detailed look at NACA for the readers here. Thanks, Jillayne! I attended a meeting last week sponsored by […]

$75K Home Was Mortgaged for Nearly Half a Million in 2007

I like to keep tabs on what’s going on in my neighborhood, and when a little house a block away was listed for rent on Craigslist (screenshot) this week, I remembered seeing it as a foreclosure on the market for sale last year. I got a little curious to know some more about this home’s […]

Are Obama & Romney Avoiding Housing to Avoid Talking About Killing the Mortgage Interest Deduction?

There is one major political topic that has been mysteriously absent from both major presidential campaigns during this year’s presidential election season… housing. Nick Timiraos noted this in the Wall Street Journal in early September. Here we are in late October, four debates later, and nothing has really changed. Barely a peep about housing from […]

Reader Question: What’s the Deal With HARP 2.0?

I received the following email from a reader asking about the federal government’s Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) earlier this week: I have been looking into the HARP 2.0 program to refinance my home. I qualify according to program guidelines, but find it hard to shop interest rates and find lenders that deal honestly with […]