Seattle Bubble Partners with The Seattle Times

I’m pleased to announce today that Seattle Bubble has partnered with the Seattle Times as part of their News Partner Network. What does this mean for you, the reader? Better/faster coverage of relevant stories from the Seattle Times More readers, commenters contributing to the conversation here Possible future collaborations with Seattle Times & other partners […]

Enjoy Seattle Bubble? Support this Site!

Please pardon the brief interruption from our regularly-scheduled programming. In case you aren’t aware, this site is run by one individual (yours truly, Tim Ellis) in my spare time. I pay for the domain and the hosting, and dedicate an average of an hour or two a day to bringing you fresh, relevant content about […]

Help Me Improve Sound Housing Quarterly

Welcome back, I hope everyone had an enjoyable Labor Day. Speaking of laboring, I recently finished another issue of Sound Housing Quarterly. For those not familiar with this project, it is a quarterly journal in which I roll up all of the vital local real estate statistics into one massive 40+ page tome, complete with […]

Don’t forget the other ways to connect to Seattle Bubble!

It’s been a while since I last highlighted all the extra content and ways to connect to Seattle Bubble, so it’s time for another such reminder. If you don’t have the time or motivation to visit the site every day, that’s okay. There are other ways for you to get your daily Seattle Bubble fix. […]

Missing Post: Tim In L.A. Edition

Sorry all, I was in L.A. for the day, and while I was hoping to squeeze in some time this morning during the six o’clock hour to post the Reporting Roundup, I obviously failed.  It will be up for tomorrow morning & your regularly scheduled programming will resume thereafter. For now though. I’ve got to […]

Hungry for More Data? Try Sound Housing Quarterly

The latest issue of Sound Housing Quarterly has been published (Q1 2011). Sound Housing Quarterly is a subscription-based sister project to Seattle Bubble that I created to provide a single consolidated and consistent source of high-level local housing market stats and analysis. This month’s report sports 49 pages packed with unique housing market insights you […]