Public Service Announcement: Seattle vs. San Diego

Seattle, WA King County SFH median price: $363,850 King County SFH new construction median: $465,900 King County SFH + condo median: $335,000 March ’09 Seattle metro area unemployment rate: 8.9% San Diego, CA Central San Diego County SFH resale median: $300,000 Central San Diego County SFH new construction median: $355,000 Central San Diego County SFH […]

DIY Solution for Affordable Housing

I expect August stats from the NWMLS to be posted either today or tomorrow, but here’s something from the lighter side to kill some time until then. Mark Zimmerman (zim) had a problem that many have been faced with thanks to the housing bubble: A few years back, I got tired of living the American […]

Dispatches from the Road: TX, LA, FL

with Crystal, the pretty pink pony Hey gang, it’s me again. Just wanted to update everybody on our big road trip. We’ve seen lots of places all across the country. It’s fun seeing new places. It’s like, as exciting as you can expect places outside of Seattle to be, anyway. January 2: Happy New Year […]

Dispatches from the Road: Arizona & New Mexico

with Crystal, the pretty pink pony Editor’s Note from The Tim: I’m pleased to introduce Crystal, the pretty pink pony; mascot of Seattle real estate. She’ll occasionally pop in (especially over the next few weeks) to share some of her thoughts about the Seattle real estate. She has a… unique perspective that I hope you […]

Seattle Bubble Concedes Defeat

Well everyone, it’s been a fun couple of years, but the time has finally come for Seattle Bubble to throw in the towel. Paul Campbell, Some rights reserved. We’ve analyzed the local market from every conceivable direction, explained all the logical reasons why today’s Seattle home prices are not sustainable, watched the national housing market […]