On Luxury Cars and World Class Cities

My car is so great. It has a built-in CD player, a driver’s seat with four independent adjustments, a tasteful spoiler, a spacious trunk, climate control, a powered sunroof, and gets over 30 miles to the gallon. It’s comfortable, good-looking, and fun to drive. My car is comparable to a BMW or a Lexus, and […]

If the MLS is an advertisement…

At the risk of beating a dead horse, I’d like to continue Friday’s conversation about the re-listed house on Avondale. Thanks to yet another reply by Ms. Reed as well as a series of replies from Ardell, it has finally gotten through my thick skull that “cancel and relist” is different from “let expire and […]

Realtors & Government Team Up To Look Good

As effective as government is at addressing most issues, it only makes sense that once the real estate market finally starts to slow down, that’s when they decide it’s a good time to try to do something about unaffordable housing. Gov. Chris Gregoire and top legislative leaders on Tuesday authorized a study of ways to […]