Our Town A to Z

Alki – What you will become after your home becomes a boat anchor Belltown – Experience fine dining while warding off homeless and addicts Capitol Hill – Enjoy wearing your fauxhawk while calling 9-11 Denny-ile – Denial over the negative appreciation in your recent downtown Seattle condo purchase Eastside – Close to Microsoft. Location, Location, […]

Skagit’s Housing Market Staying… Strong?

Slowdown denial is in full force up in Skagit County, where in an article titled “Skagit’s Housing Market: Staying Strong,” a monthly rag called Skagit County Business Pulse has apparently resorted to publishing outright lies. People will go to great lengths these days to own property, especially packages with added value. Despite the high cost […]

Home Staging Tries To Fight Slowing Market

Another sign of the times down in Olympia, where this story posted on October 22nd highlights the difficulties some would-be sellers are having finding interested buyers. The plan was to buy a steal-of-a-deal house on the east side of Olympia, remodel it and resell it quickly for a tidy profit – pretty much like they […]

Don’t Bet On Biotech?

Here’s an interesting article that focuses on the influence bio-tech has on Seattle’s economy. It’s tangentially related to real estate, because of the argument we hear so often that oodles of high-tech jobs are just pouring into Seattle. In recent years, economic development boosters both in Seattle and on the Eastside have increasingly focused their […]

Retail Spending Spikes In Washington

Seattle Times writer Melissa Allison seems a bit too excited about today’s report that retail spending in Washington State grew by 10.5% from spring ’05 to spring ’06. Those were the days, back in the spring when the flowers bloomed and the housing market sizzled. Washingtonians had such confidence last spring that they spent with […]