Case-Shiller Tiers: All Three Tiers Turn Negative

Let’s check out the three price tiers for the Seattle area, as measured by Case-Shiller. Remember, Case-Shiller’s “Seattle” data is based on single-family home repeat sales in King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties. Note that the tiers are determined by sale volume. In other words, 1/3 of all sales fall into each tier. For more details […]

Case-Shiller: Seattle Home Prices Hit New Low in Nov.

Let’s have a look at the latest data from the Case-Shiller Home Price Index. According to November data, Down 0.5% October to November. Up 0.3% October to November (seasonally adjusted) Down 10.6% YOY. Down 22.7% from the July 2007 peak Last year prices fell 2.5% from October to November (not seasonally adjusted) and year-over-year prices […]

Does Job Growth == Home Buying Demand?

An article in the Times yesterday about the Puget Sound’s job recovery following the dot-com bust got me thinking again about the oft-claimed jobs to home prices correlation. The usual assertion goes something like this: “Prices are justified because our economy is strong (i.e. – lots of jobs), and as long as we keep adding […]