Radar Logic Shows Seattle MSA Price per Square Foot Dropping at 17% per Year

Many of you are aware of the “Residential Property Index” published for the top 25 MSAs by Radar Logic. Radar Logic has a similar business model to MacroMarkets with the Case-Shiller Index (e.g., creating housing-based contracts to be traded on a futures market) but there are some key differences in the way that they calculate […]

NWMLS: Anybody seen my spring mojo? I can’t find it.

One thing I’ll say for the NWMLS, they have been prompt lately about releasing the monthly statistics. Let’s take a look at March, typically the beginning of the strong spring selling season. When the press release with pdf links is released I’ll post it here (though it may be delayed somewhat since I am heading […]

Case-Shiller Tiers: High End Takes a Tumble

Here’s our monthly look at Seattle’s price tiers from Case-Shiller. I’d like to start by answering a few questions about these tiers that came up last month. First, all Case-Shiller data is based on single-family homes only, no condos or townhomes. Also, the Case-Shiller definition of the “Seattle area” is King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties. […]

Case-Shiller: Welcome to Depreciation, Seattle

Home prices in Seattle continue to decline, at an increasing rate, according to the latest data from the Case-Shiller Home Price Index. Down 1.76% December to January. Down 1.25% YOY. In a big surprise to absolutely no one, Seattle is now officially in the realm of year-to-year price declines. What a change from just one […]

Revisiting Seattle’s Soft Landing

It’s been nearly two years since I looked at the soft landing question with respect to affordability in a post titled Seattle Soft Landing: Do The Math. Since then, the affordability picture has changed, and we at Seattle Bubble have done a lot more research into historical data, so now seems like a good time […]

Median Price Comparison: King & San Diego Counties

Here’s an interesting comparison. As of December’s Case-Shiller data, prices in San Diego County have fallen nearly 20% from their November 2005 peak. As of last month, their median price for all homes sold (single-family and condos) was $415,000 (source: San Diego Union-Tribune). In the Seattle area, December’s Case-Shiller put prices off 4% from their […]

Puget Sound Counties February NWMLS Update

Here’s an update to the NWMLS statistics for all six Puget Sound counties. I don’t personally want to live in King County, and maybe you don’t either. So, here’s a little graphical look at what the market looks like around the sound. Here’s where each of the six counties stand as of February 2008: King […]