Localism: Still a Wasteland | KOMO: We Want Some of that Action

A little over a year ago ActiveRain (basically a social network for real estate professionals) launched Localism, an attempt at leveraging their nationwide network of real estate salespeople to generate content for thousands of “hyperlocal” city and neighborhood portals, presumably in order to create an attractive platform on which small businesses would spend their advertising […]

Seattle Times Really Wants You to Buy a House (or a Condo)

Is it just me, or has Seattle’s only remaining daily newspaper become even more of a blatant real estate advertisement since the P-I folded? Even without a dedicated real estate writer, they have managed to pump out two thinly-veiled real estate promotional pieces in less than a week. This weekend we’ve got First-time buyers benefit […]

Localism – Hyper Local Real Estate Sales Pitches

ActiveRain, a site that describes itself as “a free online community for real estate professionals designed to help them promote and grow their business,” has launched a new site called Localism. Localism describes itself as the “world’s most complete neighborpedia,” and the front page invites users to “Go Hyper Local!” It is the latest entrant […]

Your down payment could cost less than your latte

I got this in the mail earlier this week, and just had to share. Houses are still cheaper than latte’s, apparently… [Addendum] I clicked through to the site that the postcard directs you to. The “bonuses” are pretty significant relative to the starting prices, it seems to me. Buyer Bonuses at Select Communities For purchases […]

“New levels of creativity” in listings

Aubrey Cohen comes at us today with a frank and sometimes amusing look at real estate agents’ habit of massaging the English language to attempt to make their listings stand out in an increasingly larger sea of properties for sale. Of special note in today’s article is the copious quoting of local agent Ira Sacharoff, […]

Absolutely Hilarious!

Except of course that some people will actually believe it. Not many, but certainly some. https://seattlebubble.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2007/11/wa_realtors_2007c.mp3 From the Washington Realtors’ “Get The Facts Straight” ad campaign. I’m sure I will post more on these over the weekend, they’re just too hilarious to ignore. Thanks to Doug for pointing out the link to these.


Real Estate and Online Advertising

I ran across this chart about top online advertisers, and thought it was kind of interesting in light of events in the real estate market. I would assert that several of the top 10 are either directly or tangentially related to the real estate boom. #2 – Experian – credit reports. Not sure why they […]