Underwater? Pros and Cons of Trying a Short Sale

Seattle Bubble regular Kary Krismer recently wrote a pair of posts drawing on his legal and real estate experience to give a relatively unbiased look at the factors to consider when you’re thinking about whether you should or shouldn’t try a short sale if you’re underwater and want to get out of your home. On […]

Hey Let’s Ask the Internet for Neighborhood Advice!

View this map in its own window Last week I had another guest post at Get Rich Slowly on the subject of why you should rent first when you move to a new city. I’m not going to repeat everything I said over there, but I did want to share the map at right. What […]

Reader Question: Worried About Goldman’s -22% Forecast

A reader dropped me the following email and posted this question in the forum, which I thought was interesting enough to share with the whole community to get everyone’s responses. I’m recently engaged and looking to buy a home. I’ve crunched my budget inside and out, know what I can afford that isn’t over reaching. […]

Top Three Improvements to Sell Quickly?

Great question in today’s open thread: What are the top three things you would spend money on to get a house sold quickly? Here are my top three: curb appeal serious cleaning staging By “curb appeal” I mean literally anything that is visible from the curb. You want your home to make the best possible […]

“Tax Savings” Far Overshadowed by Interest Paid

This weekend Seattle Bubble favorite Steve Tytler fielded a question from a very confused homeowner in his real estate Q&A column in the Everett Herald. Couple’s dilemma: To rent out house or sell Here is a portion of the owner’s question. We were given a house valued at $250,000, which is paid for. We have […]

The rain returns, and with it the perfect house-shopping season.

There’s no doubt that the gloomy, dark, wet weather has returned to Seattle. While everyone around Seattle retreats into the warm confines of their living rooms and local coffee shops, I’d like to offer a bit of contrarian advice for the house-shoppers out there. Seize the winter. Winter is hands down the best time to […]

Homebuying Tips and Traps from 1996

I was looking through the real estate section Half Price Books recently and stumbled upon an interesting book: Tips and Traps When Buying A Home, by Robert Irwin. The edition of this book I was thumbing through was published in 1996, and was just chock full of all kinds of helpful advice, such as this: […]