Seattle 79th Most Affordable Metro

Out of 95 US metro areas, the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue housing market ranks as the 79th most affordable. In other words, even with Pierce County dragging the average down, as of 2005 we were still the 17th least affordable metro. Bizjournals compared housing costs and income levels in the 95 U.S. metros with populations above 500,000. The […]

"Quite frankly, it’s time to buy."

I think maybe there is some kind of virus infecting the minds of potential homebuyers. The virus settles into the brain and causes the victim to lose the capacity for rational thought in matters of real estate. Symptoms include the delusions that “I need to buy now or I’ll be priced out forever,” “I should […]


Seattle’s PMI Risk Index Continues Climb

The latest PMI report (pdf) is out, and much to no one’s surprise, Seattle’s risk index has increased yet again. Click to enlarge Jumping 14 points from the fall to a total of 167, Seattle now boasts a PMI that is 2.6 times its Summer 2005 low of 64. Although Seattle’s Risk Index is still […]

2007 Optimism, Part III: Some Cracks Appear

This is the last post in this impromptu series. There were just so many articles out there full of “expert” quotes and predictions about the Puget Sound’s economic outlook for 2007. Here are three more articles that discuss the interaction of the local housing market with the greater local economic picture. Surprisingly, the housing affordability […]


A Question Of Affordability

It is generally accepted that the more desirable an area is, the less affordable it is to live there, and specifically, to buy a home. For instance, homes in San Francisco have always been ridiculously expensive—even considering the higher median income there—because it’s considered by many to be a highly desirable place to live. For […]


PMI: Seattle Increasingly Risky

Mercer Island Guy pointed out that I haven’t yet posted on the latest PMI report that was released last week. Rapidly slowing appreciation and declining affordability contributed to a marked increase in the risk of home price declines in cities across the country, PMI Mortgage Insurance Co., the U.S. subsidiary of The PMI Group, Inc. […]